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Camaron Beach topographic mapProperty Characteristics

Camaron Beach consists of 77 acres of largely undisturbed natural land and over 3,000 feet of shoreline fronting on the Sea of Cortez. Due to the sparse population and mountainous terrain of the northwest coast, the property is completely off the municipal utility grid system. However, current power generation, water desalinization and waste treatment technologies easily allow for a wide range development options. With existing zoning already in place, these development options include tourism, residential and commercial uses. Most of Camaron Beach is level and about 6 to 9 feet above sea level, though the site reaches 16 to 20 feet above sea level at the base of the foothills. The terrain then rises abruptly, with some sections reaching elevations of 250 feet to create a dramatic mountain backdrop. Camaron Beach has a rocky shoreline and a small coastal dune system. A hill measuring 100 feet at its peak and 190,000 square feet around its base is positioned toward the middle of the property on the sea side of the highway. The Camaron arroyo runs south of this hill, and widens as it approaches the coastline.


land use and vegetation mapFlora & Fauna

Unlike many other waterfront properties in the area, the Camaron Beach nearshore ecosystem is healthy, vibrant and intact. The combination of fresh water from the arroyo and salt water from the Sea of Cortez results in a rich variety of desert plant and animal life on the property. A 2014 survey of Camaron Beach notes that over half the land is covered with scrub vegetation, including seven species of cactus. About ten percent of the property is covered with salty grass and salt brush groundcover along the coastline. In all, Camaron Beach has 31 plant species. This survey also identified 22 terrestrial animal species on the property, including 14 birds, six reptiles and two mammals. Adding to the ecological diversity of Camaron Beach is a rocky sea floor that extends about 115 meters from shore. A 2014 survey of the near shore identified 25 marine animal species, including 15 fish, nine invertebrates and one reptile.

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