nwc mapSierra de la Giganta

UNESCO refers to the Sonoran Desert ecosystem surrounding the Sea of Cortez as one of the most biodiverse in the world. Within southern Baja, this desert ecosystem is dominated by the Sierra de la Giganta, which first appears just northwest of La Paz. Farther north, where this mountain range converges with the Sea of Cortez, the rugged coastal terrain consists of sheer cliffs that rise as much as 300 feet above sea level, some of which reveal multi-colored volcanic strata. The nine mile stretch of road that hugs this shoreline is described in Fielding’s Travel Guide as offering “some of the best coastal scenery in view from any of Baja’s highways.”

UMA Wildlife Reserve

nwc mapNearly all of this mountainous coast is community property owned by Ejido No. 3. This ejido land has been designated a Wildlife Conservation, Management and Sustainable Utilization Unit, or UMA. The intent of an UMA is to create economic incentives for the judicious management of wildlife resources. The mountainous section of this UMA spans 30,000 acres and contains several arroyos, or dry stream beds. This UMA permits sustainable sport hunting in the mountains, and hiking, bird watching, camping and other low impact activities along these arroyo trails (the UMA maintains a base camp in the foothills just behind Camaron Beach). The Camaron arroyo includes many desert oases that attract indigenous and migrating wildlife.

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