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A Coastal-Mountain Resort Development Opportunity

Camaron Beach: The Essence of Southern Baja
Located just 45 minutes northwest of downtown La Paz and the international airport along a scenic coastal-mountain highway, Camaron Beach features over 3,000 feet of frontage on the Sea of Cortez and a dramatic backdrop framed by the rugged foothills of the Sierra de la Giganta. Unlike the busy tourist beaches in Southern Baja’s more heavily developed areas, this ecologically intact 77-acre property has the feel of a remote desert habitat completely surrounded by mountains and the sea.

Sea of Cortez: ‘‘The World’s Aquarium’’
The Sea of Cortez is widely recognized as one of the most biologically diverse bodies of water on the planet, with nearly 900 species of fish, almost 200 species of birds, thousands of species of invertebrates and a wide array of marine mammals including sea lions, dolphins and whales. Camaron Beach’s rocky near shore is swimmable and an excellent place to snorkel, kayak and paddle board. About 45 minutes from shore is Isla Espiritu Santo, a popular island national park and UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site where visitors can swim with sea lions and observe dolphins and whale sharks. Farther out, the Sea of Cortez offers world-class scuba diving and deep-sea fishing adventures.

Sierra de la Giganta: A Vast Nature Reserve
The foothills abutting Camaron Beach include 30,000 acres of private wilderness area within the Sierra de la Giganta, a coastal mountain range that begins just northwest of the city of La Paz. This community-owned reserve permits hiking, bird watching, camping and other low-impact activities, as well as sustainable big-game hunting. The Camaron Arroyo that flows from the inland mountains contains verdant desert oases that attract indigenous and migrating wildlife year-round.

La Paz: A Real Mexican Seaside City
As the center of government, business, education and culture in Baja California Sur, La Paz was named one of the World’s Greatest Places 2021 by Time Magazine. With its old-world charm, waterfront promenade and lively downtown art and restaurant scene, this capital city is an important regional hub with a laid-back vibe. Its numerous universities, research institutes and nongovernmental organizations also put the city at the forefront of environmental conservation and advocacy throughout northwest Mexico.

Development Opportunity: A Coastal-Mountain Resort
Turned off by mass tourism, a rapidly growing segment of travelers is seeking healthy lifestyle options in smaller more personalized venues, outdoor adventure activities in pristine natural places, and authentic interaction with the local community. With its secluded “off the grid” location, expansive vistas of the mountains and the sea, proximity to outstanding nature-based activities and easy access to downtown La Paz, Camaron Beach is well positioned to appeal to the burgeoning wellness, ecotourism and adventure travel markets. For more information on this exceptional development site, call David Lehman at +1 (708) 466-4747.

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